How to choose the best window cleaning company

How to choose the best window cleaning company

Window cleaning business is quite demanding from the aspect of both the window cleaning company and the client who hires them. From the aspect of a window cleaning company, this business requires special equipment, quality products, but also employees with unique skills and without the fear of heights. Because this business is potentially dangerous, it also requires insurance for their employees.

If you are a client who wants to hire a window cleaning company, there are several aspects to consider, in order to be sure that you will not only get the best possible service, but that there will not be any inconveniences or potentially dangerous situations.

office interior - small and simple1. Their offices – as a business owner, when you hire a window cleaning company, you will most likely have the opportunity to visit their offices in order to negotiate with their superintendent. This is the opportunity to see for yourself what the company looks like. If their offices, halls, windows and furniture are clean and neat, it is a good recommendation for hiring them, because, after all, they are a cleaning company and maintain a high level of hygiene is a must for them.

2. Reputation – good reputation is one of the very important factors, because you want a company that will respect the deal you have made and do the job the best they can. You can check the ratings of companies online and search for other people’s experiences and reviews in order to see what other would recommend. When you search for a specific company, check how long have they been in the business as well.

3. Insurance – since window cleaning is a job with high level of risk, make sure to find a company that provides the insurance for their employees. This will help you avoid the inconveniences and potential lawsuits if the employees get hurt while they clean the windows of your company.

Purchase insurance for professional window cleaners

4. Equipment – this is another very important aspect, for several reasons: first, you want a company that has high-quality climbing equipment in order to make sure that their employees are safe at work. Second, you want them to use high quality cleaning equipment and products, in order to be able to do the job quickly, professionally and with the best results.

5. Guarantee – it is necessary that the window cleaning company gives guarantee to their services. This provides you with additional security that they will do the job professionally. If it happens that the cleaning job is done poorly and unprofessionally, in this case the company is obliged to issue you a full refund.


6. Price – naturally, another aspect to think about is the price. If you want a high quality job with great results, a guarantee and safe for the workers of both your company and the cleaning company, be prepared that it comes with a price. However, there are companies that will grant you a discount if you close a long-term deal or if you hire them a certain number of times, so you can also consider these options.

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